Woodward Extract Co. is the perfect blend of rigor and whimsy. Using a cold extraction process and organic, fair-trade ingredients, we create the purest flavor extracts for cocktails, cooking and baking – from surprising and unusual blends, to hard to find standalone notes.

Founder Amy Nazer set out to create our unique tinctures after feeling frustrated by the options in local stores. When you could have nutmeg, rosemary, or cardamom extract, why settle for plain old vanilla? Amy previously worked in the non-profit and legal sectors, but as the daughter of a dietitian and a chemist she likes to think she was born to create products at the intersection of food and science.

Heather-Mariah Dixon of Studio HMVD joined on as Creative Director in 2018 to further expand and shape the brand through playful still-life photography and distinct design. Today, Amy and Heather-Mariah work with local bartenders, dabble in cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, and concept new flavors and pairings every day.

For wholesale or press inquiries, please email us at info@woodwardextract.co.